Sunday, September 8, 2013

Great White or Fake White...Who Really Cares?

TMT readers my apologies for the gap in articles/website update. Things have been hectic for Joe who is juggling work all the while pursuing higher education. As for myself, you may remember that I was absent for a while due to back problems and a follow-on surgery. Well, it seems that the doctors have located several other problems with my lower spine and these problems are causing extensive pain and make mobility very difficult. Most of my time is spent on high doses of prescribed pain meds while trying not to tweak my back by lying flat most of the waking day.

Well, on to the article. Most of us over the past year have been bombarded with articles concerning LA Guns, Queensryche and Great White. All of these bands have one thing in common…there are two versions of each band. The second versions all seem to be run by each bands former lead singer.

Honestly, I think they all suck. LA Guns had some good tunes back in the day but that’s about it. None of them are considered metal, hair metal or glam metal. So why am I writing about theses guys??????

Well yesterday, on a rare appearance outside my house, I came upon the billboard sign in the photo below. Fake White (aka Jack Russell's Great White) is playing here. Seems this version of the band has hit bottom, as this bar is just an old converted Pizza Hut. Normally, it brings in cover bands and tribute bands. Hey I guess this version of the band is somewhere in the middle.

I just thought it was too funny!!!!!!

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