Monday, July 15, 2013

Sufosia: Croatian Thrashers!!!!!!!

Sufosia is a Southeastern European thrash metal band based out of Croatia. They have a heavy influence from such bands as Megadeth, Testament, Slayer, Anthrax, Overkill and Annihilator.

The band currently consists of Davor Garašić - guitar and vocals, Tomislav Ivković – guitar, Davor Grdić - bass and backing vocals and Matko Staudacher – drums. 

The groups first live performances took place in February of 2007 in Croatia. Later that year, Sufosia self released a five-song demo  "Chaotic Dreams" and two new singles "Tea" and "Pain" at the end of 2008.

Since then, Sufosia gained major notoriety and was taken noticed by the global metal community in 2009 when they released their amazing cover version of the Megadeth song Hanger 18 via YouTube, receiving well over 12,000 views in the first month of it's release.

They then took advantage of the digital platform In March of 2011 with their first full-length Debut album entitled Inspiration Breakdown, which went on to sell very well considering they had no label support.

Even In My Darkest Days from Inspirational Breakdown

Since the band contacted The Thrash Metal Times back in early June, I have listened to them quite a few times. I think these guys are a pretty good band and I see a great future for them and we wish them all the best in their thrash metal efforts. Our friends over at the Focus On Metal podcast played one of their songs a few days ago and I can guarantee that the metal world has taken notice of Sufosia.

Sufosia is currently working on their as-yet-untitled second album and plans to enter the studio in June 2013.

Check out their Facebook page and listen to some of their other songs as well as watch a few of their videos.

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