Sunday, July 28, 2013

Exciter To Tour Brazil In September 2013

Earlier today, I traded some emails with John Ricci from Exciter. He wanted me to let all of our TMT readers down in Brazil know that Exciter will be on tour in your metal nation during the month of September.

Here are the dates, venues and cities:
DATE                         VENUE                     LOCATION
September 6              Espaco Cult              Curitiba, Brazil
September 7              Fenix                         Santos, Brazil
September 8              Hangar 110               Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil, you guys are lucky to get to see theses true metal masters. As loyal Thrash Metal Times readers, you know that Exciter is one of my favorite bands and has been since the early 1980's. Therefore, TMT calls upon all Brazilian thrasher to go see the band. Stick around after the show to say hello and grab an autograph!

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