Monday, June 24, 2013

Satan's Life Sentence: The Second Coming That Should Have Been

1983, what a year for NWOBHM!!!! Though this was really the end of times for NWOBHM, a band, with a controversial name out of Newcastle, England was to release their first record, Court In The Act, which would become a NWOBHM classic.

Court In The Act
I remember during the lead-up to the release of Court In The Act, the main excitement was over the cover art. It was shown early to Motorhead and Venom. I remember reading that Lemmy and Cronos both were totally excited saying it was one of the best covers they had seen. Later we would all be more excited about the actual music we heard on the album and the cover was secondary. In my humble metal opinion, Court In The Act was a complete metal-fest and should be recognized as one of the better NWOBHM albums alongside such great releases as Killers, On Through The Night, Hit and Run, Angel Witch and Welcome to Hell.

Life Sentence
Well on to the present time. Released in May 2013, Satan has given us Life Sentence, which should have been the original follow-up to Court In The Act. Instead back in the day, the band was lead astray and made some bad decisions. One, which I was a total victim of, was their temporary name change and release of their Blind Fury Album. What a waste of vinyl. Thankfully the world will recognize this as the legitimate follow-up to Court In The Act as we now have the original lineup. Hey, better late than never and I will say that even though 30 years is a long time, it was worth the wait!!!!!

Life Sentence has 10 great tracks that have hints of NWOBHM, thrash, and at times a bit of prog metal included.


1. Time To Die
2. Twenty Twenty Five
3. Cenotaph
4. Siege Mentality
5. Incantations
6. Testimony
7. Tears Of Blood
8. Life Sentence
9. Personal Demons
10. Another Universe

Life Sentence


This is a must buy for any fan of NWOBHM, the early thrash movement and just plain fans of metal and the band Satan!!!!!

You can also check out their website:

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