Saturday, February 23, 2013

Keep The Metal Faith

To all of our TMT fans, let myself and Joe apologize to you for the lack of any recent activity here. I know there has not been any new articles for almost three weeks now.

Joe is extremely busy due to having a slave-driver for a boss. I am down for the count right now as I have been preparing for back surgery which will happen next week. The good news is that once I am out of my pain killer haze, I will have nothing to do except write new articles during the recovery period. However, I do hope to get something done before I go under the knife.

Unless we receive a huge donation, or really any donation, via PayPal, or we win the lottery, Joe may be away for a while. 

I also wanted to say a quick "Thanks!!!!" to Scott on the Focus on Metal podcast. He gave us a nice plug for the Thrash Metal Times. As I have said many times here at TMT, the Focus on Metal podcast is the best metal podcast out there.

Keep the metal faith!!!!!

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