Sunday, January 6, 2013

Demos and Other Music Submissions

TMT wants to say thanks to all of the bands that have submitted demos or published music for us to review. 

The staff at TMT consists of Joe and myself. So, if we do not get back to you right away or post anything on our web page about your band and your music, don't take it the wrong way. Basically, we are swamped.

That being said, please keep the demos and the published music coming!!!!! We are totally honored that you and your band would pick us to do a review. It may take a couple of weeks or so for us to review your work, but we will get it done and if we like it, we will do a write up.


  1. 2013, the year in which Earth will experience the emergence of a new cosmic metal band, Enceladus. Debuting their first official 3-song single in Japan entitled:
    “Time in a Dream”, Enceladus brings forth a new type of metal, combining elements of power and speed metal in conjunction with a dual harmony guitar assault and cosmically inspired lyrical elements to form what some are calling “enlightenmetal” and “an aural catalyst to consciousness expansion”.

    Currently preparing for a music video, full album, and fully produced live shows, Enceladus is a band to keep your eyes on, and your minds prepared for.

    The digital copy of "Time in a Dream" is available free of download, directly from us, at:

  2. Cosmic metal????

    Will this be anything like Agent Steel?

  3. What's the email to send submissions in to?