Saturday, December 15, 2012

Swedish Metal Band Ghost Offers Preview of New Song

 Swedish metal band Ghost have offered fans a preview of new material off their forthcoming new album due out next year.  The new track is called "Secular Haze" and can be heard here:
The band's publicists contacted the Thrash Metal Times and explained: "The song has been unveiled via stems and will soon be available to hear in its entirety (with vocals) tomorrow. Throughout the day today, new candles will appear on the site with each one corresponding to an instrumental track on the song until midnight Pacific Standard Time. You can hover your mouse over each candle to isolate an instrument."
We were told to stay tuned next week as the band continues to reveal more music!  We'll have to wait until the entire song is available, but so far it sounds as if Ghost has both recaptured and developed the sound they captured on their superb debut release Opus Eponymous.
Bring on new Ghost material!


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