Sunday, December 9, 2012

Southwest Metal: Savage Wizdom

So here I am, back living in the high desert of El Paso, Texas. The first thing on my mind upon returning is “what is happening with the local metal scene since I last lived here?” Well much to my surprise, it was about the same…basically ZERO!!!

I did a quick search and a few bands did pop up. Most had singers with Cookie Monster vocals, which I cannot stand, or they just had very little talent. The one that really caught my ear is a band called Savage Wizdom from right up the road in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Now, I have no idea how these guys slipped under my radar a few years ago, but I am here now to rectify the situation.

After listening to a few of their songs on their MySpace page, they had me hooked. I heard a great power metal/thrash metal band that was likely influenced by such greats as Iron Maiden and Megadeth. This stirred my interest so I did some further research about the band.

Formed in 2004, Savage Wizdom emerged when former Prowler vocalist Steve Montoya decided to put another band together and return to making music following a ten-year absence from the scene since Prowler had disbanded. Steve had multiple incarnations of Savage Wizdom as band members came and went.

In 2007, the line-up was solid enough that they recorded and released their first CD titled No Time for Mercy. The CD received some good reviews and the song Nosferatu received some airplay on heavy metal radio stations on the east coast.

Following the release of No Time for Mercy, the band actually broke up, then reformed and went through more lineup changes. However, in 2008 the band seemed to have settled down and put a padlock on the player revolving door once Steve added his son, Steve Jr., to the lineup as the bass player. So with Steve Montoya on vocals, Steve Jr. on bass, Pablo Roybal on guitar and Steve Cordova on drums, the band has its sights set on the future.

I normally only do reviews for newly released CDs but since I overlooked these guys a few years ago, I decided I should make it up to them and to the metal world. I downloaded No Time for Mercy and after listening to it, I will say that the CD has 11 strong songs. Some standout tracks are March to War, Nosferatu, Behold and the title track Time for Mercy. So, after listening to No Time For Mercy, I give the CD an overall 4 out of 5 thrashes!!!

Checkout their MySpace and Facebook pages for more band info.

We at TMT wish the band great success and eagerly await the release of a “rumored” new CD.

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