Monday, December 31, 2012

2012:The Year in Review at Thrash Metal Times

Upward Trend

It's been almost a full year since we started this blog. The New Year offers an ideal occasion to look back on what James and I have accomplished at the TMT.

First, the numbers. I'm reminded of a statistic I once read stating that the average number of people who read articles published in physics journals was two: presumably the author and the author's mother. Similarly, our first post, about the impact iTunes has had on metal album artworkwas initially seen by about three people.

Over 23,000 page views later, the TMT gets hundreds of daily views - with December posting our highest monthly tally yet. Our Facebook and Twitter pages are also becoming quite active, and if readers enjoy our site's content please remember to "like / follow" us.

Original Content

Part of the reason for our growing following is the reliability and freshness of our content. From original interviews with metal legends such as Exciter and Militia, to the introduction of new(ish) bands, such as: A Sound of Thunder, Savage Wizdom, Alphakill, and Insanity Alert, people have come to see the TMT as a trusted place to increase their musical scope.

Perhaps my favorite articles this year come from our "Bands to Remember" series, featuring new articles on legends such as Metal Church, Toxik, Black Tide, Anvil, and Agent Steel.
We've tried to go beyond the traditional U.S./UK metal scene by showcasing bands like the Spanish thrash kings Angelus Apatrida and Swedish metal bands: Ghost and The Law. When Philip Lawvere, esteemed artist for (among others) Swiss metal titans Celtic Frost and German metal kings Kreator, decided to come out of heard it here first.

James and I have provided album reviews, where appropriate, without inundating you with random reviews each week. Reviews included new material by: Iron Maiden's Steve Harris, Overkill, Ghost, A Sound of Thunder, Militia, and Angel Witch. We've also provided some soundings for upcoming work by Metallica, Megadeth, Ghost, and Holy Grail.

James has been great about providing information and reviews on some of his favorite Podcasts out there:  Decibel Geek, Talking Metal, Focus on Metal, Requiem Metal Podcast, and Metal Hammer Podcast

And true to our mission statement, we've kept NWOBHM as much a part of our coverage as thrash. We've given you our three "must have" NWOBHM bands (Angel Witch, Satan, and Witchfynde), our introduction to the sounds of NWOBHM, the 101 rules of NWOBHM, and plenty of Iron Maiden coverage.
Some of our most popular articles have been original articles on such diverse topics as: Elizabeth Bathory, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, the seven types of metal fans, my Metallica rant, and Slayer's new wine brand.

Favorite Metal Memory

My favorite metal memory of 2012 was seeing a Sicilian guy near Catania, Sicily wearing a Megadeth t-shirt, and when I walked up to him, thew up the devil horns and said "Megadeeeeeeth" he broke out into a huge smile. At that moment, we spoke the same language. 

Thanks to all our readers and supporters. Spread the word about TMT, and look for all the great things we'll have in store for you here in 2013! 

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