Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Introduction to the sounds of NWOBHM

Dave Murray
Who remembers their first intro to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal?  Mine was hearing and seeing Iron Maiden for the first time on MTV in the early 80’s.  Back when MTV first started, they had very few videos to play but they had three from Iron Maiden.  

MTV played a heavy rotation of Iron Maiden, Killers, Wrathchild, and Phantom of the Opera. Later I found out they were from the “Live at The Rainbow” DVD which is now part of the The History Of Iron Maiden, Part 1: The Early Days (Two-Disc Edition).  After watching the videos play about four times per day, I noticed that Wrathchild was becoming my favorite song of the four.  

I really enjoyed the guitar sounds coming from Dave Murray playing his modified black Stratocaster. Dave now has his own signature model Stratocaster. He has a unique legato style that when you here one of his solo’s, you know it’s Dave Murray playing.  He has been with Maiden on all of the releases. Along with Steve Harris, Dave is one of the most recognizable band members.

As Maiden contemplates their future, I can only hope that the final CD will be heavy on Dave Murray solos.  Until that time, enjoy a couple of videos of Dave and his legato technique.

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