Friday, March 28, 2014

Email From Original Exciter Bass Player

TMT Readers,
I wanted to share with all of you an email I received from Alan Johnson. Alan was Exciter's original bass player and played on multiple albums.

Alan shows his support for John Ricci during this weird time.


I just wanted to say that I'm glad you released the truth behind John Ricci's departure from Exciter. I knew that the article posted in Blabbermouth was not true and it was nice to see that John had responded to it and stated what is really going on.

Also, thanks for being a true Exciter fan. I was the bass player in the original line up so it is very much appreciated.

Al Johnson
John Ricci and Alan Johnson

Sunday, March 2, 2014

John Ricci Leaves Exciter? I Don't Think So.

Faithful TMT readers, most of you know that I am a huge Exciter fan. I have been since the early 1980's when I first heard Heavy Metal Maniac. I became a bigger fan when I saw the band play in Austin, Texas. A great surprise for me that day was spending about 30 minutes talking to John Ricci. That story and the first article/interview I did for Thrash Metal Times can be read here.

Now, on to todays article. A few days ago the metal blog site Blabbermouth reported that John Ricci had left Exciter and retired from music. Now over the years, I have kept in contact with John, so I was quite surprised to hear this news. Something just didn't seem right. I checked the Exciter homepage and it had the same info that Blabbermouth had reported. Still, this all sounded wrong.

John Ricci
I contacted John and I straight out asked him what was going on. John did reply and gave me the truth about what was happening. First I will say that John asked me not to post all the information he gave me. He did say it was ok let everyone know that he has not "retired" from music. Also, the information coming from the other three members of Exciter and the article on Blabbermouth is in fact totally false. 

I wish I could tell you readers all of what John said to me. I will say that it looks like there will be some legal action soon against the other three members: vocalist Kenny Winters, drummer Rik Charron and bassist Rob Cohen. There also may be a big fight over the legal use of the band name.

Once John gives me the ok to post everything he told me, I will let the metal world know what is really happening with the band, or what is left of the band and its legacy.

Also, please do not support what these other three guys are doing. Do not go see any shows that have those three guys, plus whatever guitar player they find, using the label of Exciter. I am not sure how they intend play under that name when there are no more original members in the band anymore.