Friday, September 4, 2015

Crimson Sun: Towards The Light

A few days ago I received a CD in the mail from a Canadian management company called Maple Metal Records. The CD, titled Towards The Light, was from a band called Crimson Sun.

The personnel from Maple Metal Records stated that Crimson Sun are a “melodic metal” band from Finland. They went on to say that the band has a fan base in Europe and Russia and are reaching out to metal listeners in the USA.

The band consists of:
Sini Seppala on vocals
Joni Junnila on guitars
Jukka Jauhiainen on bass
Antti Rantavuo on drums
Miikka Hujanen on keyboards

So with that introduction, I listened to the CD a few times before writing this review.

Track listing:
1 - The Storm
2 - Eye Of The Beholder
3 - Awaken
4 - Towards The Light
5 - The Herald
6 - Portrait Of A Ghost
7 - Enter The Silence
8 - The Spark
9 - Clockwork Heart
10 - Memories Burning

Personally, I think the keyboards are to in-front and sometimes overbearing on the songs. In my opinion, Crimson Sun would be better sounding with removal of the keyboards. With the talent of this band and the vocals of Sini, the songs on this CD can stand alone and Crimson Sun would instantly be thrust into the fan heavy “power metal” genre.

Overall, it is a good effort and I like the song "Clockwork Heart", it really stands out. For fans of melodic metal, I think you will be pleased with this band and this particular CD. You can safely spend your money and buy it without worry.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Exciter Update

I have not posted any news about Exciter in a while. Well today I received a short email from John Ricci, giving me a quick news update about what is happening with the band.

John wrote:
Exciter in Argentina
We just got back from our South American tour where we played five shows in three different countries over a 10 day period. We co-headlined with Nuclear Assault and we averaged about 1000 people per night.

The plan now is to write new songs and hopefully have a new record out in 2016. The record will be released through Massacre Records in Germany.

As I mentioned to you in previous emails, we had some ideas for new songs. Now that we are taking a break from gigging we are really going to focus on the new stuff.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Part 2: Metal's Super Group....What If?

Thrash Metal Times readers, once again the topic of Dave Mustaine rejoining Metallica has come up. It seems a Megadeth fan, via Twitter, asked Dave Mustaine about rejoining his old band. Dave states that he would not do it. You can read the article at Blabbermouth.

Now, I believe him when he says he would not return to Metallica. I base that on the horrible music legacy that Metallica has left for itself. If they had stayed true to their roots and had not lost their best songwriter, Mustaine, and their musical compass, Cliff Burton, Metallica would have the best thrash music in history up to and including today.

I believe Dave Mustaine really wants to play with Hetfield again in a band and do some recording and play some gigs though. This whole thing reminded me of a previous article I wrote last year about a metal “Super Group” that included Dave Mustaine and James Hetfield. So you don’t have to search for it, here it is in full:


Metal's Super Group....What If?

For those of you who are old enough, remember in the early 1980’s when Metallica wanted John Bush as their lead singer?

They were not rumors, it was the real deal. I remember hearing about this when I had the cassette copies of No Life Till Leather and Metal Up your Ass.

Of course back then, without internet, all of our metal news came via fanzines and word of mouth.

Back in 2011, we were teased a bit when John came onstage with Metallica and performed The Four Horsemen. Of course right before they started playing, James Hetfield and John Bush both discussed the “what if” John had taken the job a long time ago.

Bush singing with Metallica

This video does prove two things. That John still has a great voice and that there is a definite chemistry between John and James Hetfield.

Obviously, it is too late for him to front Metallica now as they are all but dead. But “what if” John Bush fronted another band that also included James Hetfield? This would be the foundation of a new “super group” for metal.

The online version of the Oxford Dictionary defines super group as: An exceptionally successful rock group, in particular one formed by musicians already famous from playing in other groups.

John Bush
Now imagine the rest of the lineup for this metal super group:
John Bush on vocals; Dave Mustaine on lead guitar; James Hetfield on rhythm guitar; Charlie Benante on drums and Frank Bello on bass.

I think that this thrash metal super group lineup is not out of the question at all. In order for these guys to resurrect their careers, they need to do something like this. They need to leave their old bands and concentrate on making new metal music together.
Hetfield and Mustaine

Look at what we get as fans. Not only do we get the proven guitar duo of Dave Mustaine and James Hetfield but we also get the following:
  • You have metal’s best voice in John Bush.
  • You have two of the best songwriters and musicians in Dave Mustaine and Charlie Benante.
  • Metal’s best rhythm guitarist in James Hetfield.
  • Not only do you get an awesome bass player in Frank Bello, but have you ever seen anybody else have more fun on stage than Frank Bello?
    Frank Bello
I know some of you are already saying that Charlie Benante does not have much left in the tank. He can’t play like he did before and that someone such as Dave Lombardo would be a better choice.

Charlie Benante
Besides being one hell of a songwriter, Charlie can play almost any instrument. We have all seen videos of him playing guitar. Better yet, imagine if he was the bands manager, then they would surely rule the world.

Any thoughts? Please comment and let us know.