Monday, September 21, 2015

Metal Allegiance Gets Two Thumbs Up

So it seems everyone is raving about Metal Allegiance and the music they are making. We have all previously been burned by so called "Super Groups" cranking out horrible music after we all drank the marketing kool-aid. So, I was apprehensive about things, especially with the amount of rotating musicians involved, but I decided to give them a listen. That being said, I have been pleasantly surprised by most of the tunes. 

The only bad song on the CD is Destination: Nowhere with Matt Heafy on vocals. I just do not like the song and I cannot stand Matt and his band Trivium. A friend and I walked out on Trivium when they opened for Iron Maiden in London on the last gig of the Final Frontier tour. Once Matt started singing like the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, he blew it for us and about a thousand other people that walked out during the opening act.

Well back to Metal Allegiance. Overall it is a worthy CD and I recommend to anyone to go out and buy it or download it. I give Mark Osegueda two thumbs up for all of his vocals on various songs, especially the Dio cover of We Rock. These guys did the song justice with the exception of Zetro and Chuck Billy. These two guys really ruined their vocal parts for some reason. Alongside Mark Osegueda the vocals of Tim Owens and Alissa White-Gluz really stand out. I had no idea that Alissa White-Gluz could actually sing, Her talent is being wasted as a "screamer" in that ridiculous band Arch Enemy. Alissa, quit the screaming and join up with a real metal band that can utilize your real singing voice. Leave Cookie Monster to Sesame Street and Matt Heafy.


Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Iron Maidens News Update

Admit it TMT dig the Iron Maidens as much as I do. They are a great band and do justice to all the Maiden songs they play. So to keep everyone up to date, here is some info the girls released via their Facebook page.

They wrote:
It’s official, we put a ring on it! 

After sitting in and tearing it up for much of the last three years as “Davina Murray,” Nikki Stringfield has officially joined The Iron Maidens!

Since the Dave Murray position opened in 2010, we’ve been very fortunate to have in addition to Nikki such heavy hitters as Heather Baker, Liz Schall, Nili Brosh, and Nita Strauss alternately lend us their talents in handling those parts. 

Once the time came for us to “settle down,” Nikki, who has long since been family to us and beloved by the band’s fans, accepted our “proposal.” WELCOME, NIKKI!

As most of you TMT readers know, Nita Strauss left the Maidens to join Alice Cooper's band. This left the spot open for Nikki to join the band.

You can keep up with the band at their website and at their Facebook page.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Review of Crimson Sun's - Towards The Light

A few days ago I received a CD in the mail from a Canadian management company called Maple Metal Records. The CD, titled Towards The Light, was from a band called Crimson Sun.

The personnel from Maple Metal Records stated that Crimson Sun are a “melodic metal” band from Finland. They went on to say that the band has a fan base in Europe and Russia and are reaching out to metal listeners in the USA.

The band consists of:
Sini Seppala on vocals
Joni Junnila on guitars
Jukka Jauhiainen on bass
Antti Rantavuo on drums
Miikka Hujanen on keyboards

So with that introduction, I listened to the CD a few times before writing this review.

Track listing:
1 - The Storm
2 - Eye Of The Beholder
3 - Awaken
4 - Towards The Light
5 - The Herald
6 - Portrait Of A Ghost
7 - Enter The Silence
8 - The Spark
9 - Clockwork Heart
10 - Memories Burning

Overall, it is a good effort and I like the song "Clockwork Heart", it really stands out. For fans of melodic metal, I think you will be pleased with this band and this particular CD. You can safely spend your money and buy it without worry.

Personally, I think the keyboards are to in-front and sometimes overbearing on the songs. In my opinion, Crimson Sun would be better sounding with removal of the keyboards. With the talent of this band and the vocals of Sini, the songs on this CD can stand alone and Crimson Sun would instantly be thrust into the fan heavy “power metal” genre.