Saturday, September 13, 2014

Gary Holt: Congrats!!!

Gary Holt, the respected guitar player who started with Exodus in 1981 and joined Slayer in 2011, is now part of ESP Guitars’ acclaimed artist endorsement roster.

According to the ESP website, ESP guitars has announced that Gary Holt of Exodus fame and part-time Slayer guitarist has joined the ESP family.

"I am way beyond excited to announce my return to the mighty ESP!” said Holt. “The new guitars are amazing, and I can't wait to unleash the new signature model on the world! It's going to be a sick shred machine with that crushing tone ESP has been long known for! Can't wait to let this beast roar!"

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett, an early band mate and decades-long friend of Holt, commented, “Gary has influenced a whole generation of metal guitarists with his wicked riffs and leads in Exodus. I'm happy that he's jumped on for the ESP ride!”

ESP’s director of artist relations Chris Cannella says, “I am so proud to have Gary on board at ESP. Not only is he one of the best players in metal… he created thrash metal!”

Gary Holt joined Exodus in 1981 shortly after their formation, and has been the band’s main songwriter ever since. Holt has performed on every Exodus album, and is considered highly influential in the world of thrash metal.

In 2011, he began filling in for Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman at live shows, and became the band’s full-time co-guitarist as of 2013, while remaining a member of Exodus. In October, Exodus will be releasing their tenth studio album, Blood In, Blood Out, on the Nuclear Blast label.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Paul Di'Anno: Just Let It Go Man

When I co-hosted Talking Metal Episode 487, one topic of discussion was Paul Di’Anno and his cash grab DVD titled The Beast Arises.  More importantly, I discussed Paul’s singing voice and the fact that it is shot and he can no longer sing. 

Immediately after the podcast aired, the Blabbermouth site was flooded with articles with supposed quotes from Paul Di’Anno. All of the rapidly posted articles were focused on how great Di’Anno’s voice is, how it is getting better with age and how he can hit high notes that Rob Halford can’t hit anymore.

You would have to pay Charlotte to listen to this dreadful voice

Paul, why is it you’re the only person in the world that thinks you can still sing? You have no singing voice anymore. Readers, just look at the many videos on YouTube of his recent shows. You will immediately see that his singing is horrible, he cannot hit any note, let alone a “Halford” high note.

Readers don’t get me wrong; I was a fan of his while he was the lead singer in Iron Maiden. Maiden’s Killers is my favorite CD and gets the most play on my iPod.

Paul, Paul, Paul there is no shame in admitting you have no voice left. However, don’t embarrass yourself anymore with all of your onstage rants and having the crowd sing the bulk of each song. Please do not put out this DVD you are advertising. Then again, after the lousy sales, maybe you will come to realize that you should have retired and bowed out gracefully. 

Lastly, Paul what’s with all of the Bruce bashing? One day you call him an amazing singer then the next day you bad mouth him, call him an opera singer and insinuate he is gay.

Bruce bashing

Just to seal the deal, here is Bruce Dickinson's audition for Iron Maiden. He covers Killers, Twilight Zone and Wrathchild.