Thursday, August 28, 2014

TMT Invited To Co-Host The Talking Metal Podcast

TMT readers, check out two new episodes of Talking Metal. Mark Strigl, the host of Talking Metal, contacted me and asked if I was interested in being a co-host on a few shows. Of course my answer was "hell yes!!" and off we went.

Episode 483: On this episode, we discussed current events including Exciter, King Diamond and Judas Priest. We also played some great songs from those bands.

Episode 487On this episode, we discussed current events including Exodus, Paul DiAnno, Militia and SatanWe also played some great songs from those bands.

Click on the episode numbers above and follow the link to each episode that is posted at the Talking Metal website. Or, you can also download them at iTunes. While you are on iTunes, buy the music for each of the bans we discussed in each episode.

So once again, I would like to say thanks to our friends at the Talking Metal podcast for giving me an opportunity to discuss my favorite subject: Heavy Metal

Monday, August 18, 2014

New Ace Frehley CD Is Available

Thrash Metal Times readers, did you get your copy of Space Invader yet???????

Yes we know that Ace is not metal. However, Ace has a "cool factor" that trumps everything and I have been a fan since I first heard Shock Me.

Here is a little preview of the liner notes. I got my copy earlier today.

What are you waiting for? Go get your copy and play some air guitar.

A Sound of Thunder: New CD Coming Soon!!!

PRESS RELEASE - A Sound of Thunder "The Lesser Key of Solomon" Album Details Revealed.

A Sound of Thunder will release its fourth full-length album "The Lesser Key of Solomon" on September 9th worldwide on Mad Neptune Records. The heavy riff-laden songs are complex yet instantly catchy, featuring razor-sharp musicianship and the lung-busting performances of powerhouse classically trained vocalist Nina Osegueda.

"If your erection lasts longer than four hours, you probably listened to our new album.  Also, you're welcome" jokes Osegueda. "On a serious note, this album is our best work to date.  The songwriting and performances from the band are on another level.  The album was a joy to make and that comes through in the final recording."

Hot off the 2013 release of "Time's Arrow", their best-selling and best-reviewed release to date, A Sound of Thunder was brimming with confidence and eager to get back into the recording studio.  With too many musical ideas for just one album, the band selected only its darkest and most atmospheric material for "The Lesser Key of Solomon".  The result is an ominous collection of songs united by supernatural themes.  The album represents the fulfillment of a promise to A Sound of Thunder's fans, known as the "Legion of Thunder", who funded the album via the Kickstarter crowd-funding platform in the autumn of 2013, raising over $23,000.

"The Lesser Key of Solomon", running time 61 minutes, features 10 of A Sound of Thunder's most intense yet nuanced songs, exploring territory which is simultaneously heavier and more atmospheric than ever before. The steel-armored wail of prodigal vocalist Nina Osegueda (called by some "the lovechild of Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson") tops off deft performances by a band that knows how to deliver the goods. From the demonic fire of "Udoroth", to the crushing Dio-esque "Master of Pain", to the sweeping scope and dark theatricality of "Elijah", A Sound of Thunder delivers a timeless album full of metal classics.

Nexus Of Realities
Fortune Teller
The Boy Who Could Fly
Master Of Pain
Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb
Black Secrets
One Empty Grave
House Of Bones

Jesse Keen, Chris Haren, Nina Osegueda, Josh Schwartz
A Sound of Thunder